I can’t breathe I need AIR

AIR was issued to mock the madness of the cryptocurrency market.
AIR is everywhere, after buying AirCoin you get nothing but AIR.

AirCoin DAO Labs is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
It has built AirCoin, AIRNFT, AirCash, and ACG Ventures.


AIR was issued on Binance Smart Chain.
No private placement, no crowdfunding and complete community autonomy.

Circulating Supply: 69.945 Trillion
Consensus Lock-up: 307.26 Trillion
Hard Cap: 10000 Trillion
Lock-Up-Plan-III: 45.90 Trillion
Burnt: 9556.95 Trillion
Lock-Up-Plan-IV: 1.0 Trillion
PancakeSwap V2 pool: 6.42 Trillion
AirCash Lock-Up: 12.5 Trillion

Consensus-lock: 307.26 Trillion AIR was locked for 30 months ( 24/03/2022 - 24/09/2024 ).

Lock-Up-Plan-III: 45.90 Trillion AIR was locked for 30 months ( 24/05/2022 - 24/11/2024 ).

Lock-Up-Plan-IV: 1.0 Trillion AIR was locked for 30 months ( 24/07/2022 - 24/01/2025 ).

AirCash Merchant Lock-Up: 12.5 Trillion AIR was locked by Merchant Lock-Up.

AirCoin Contract Address : 0xd8a2ae43fd061d24acd538e3866ffc2c05151b53

HODLers 189,271
BUIDLers 200,000+

AirCoin DAO Labs

AirCoin DAO Labs started from a meme coin, but we
will continue to develop more and more products.

AirCoin DAO Labs will be one of the biggest
ecosystems in the crypto world.

Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in a decentralized way.

AirCash is the first and largest decentralized OTC platform in the galaxy.

Launch AirCash

We made the difference.

Audit Report

Easy to Use

Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in your wallet.
You don’t need any exchange anymore.

No Identity Verification

No KYC, accounts, and personal information anymore.
You can buy and sell anonymously.

Security & Privacy

Traders get in touch through a peer-to-peer messager.
No one knows the details of your trading except yourself.

Decentralization & DAO

All trading takes place on the blockchain.
We have built a DAO for decentralized governance.

AirCash Total Transaction Amount


 + USD


Stage 1: MEME Token (Completed)


AIR Starts from a MEME token listed on PancakeSwap.

Stage 2: Product Ecosystem (Ongoing)


We have built AirCoin, AIRNFT, AirCash, and more products.

Stage 3: Capital Operation (Started)


We have built ACG Ventures, which aims to build a partner ecosystem through Venture Capital.

Stage 4: Blockchain ecosystem (Soon)


AirChain aims to build a new-user-friendly blockchain, which aims to reduce the difficulty of blockchain-green-hand.

The main feature of AirChain is that the first ten transactions of each address never need a gas fee, which will help
the new Blockchainers immigrate from web2 to web3 smoothly.